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IMLA Founder Charles Rhyne – The Consummate Advocate In His Own Words

October 29, 2008

Charles Rhyne, in addition to his many other accomplishments, was one of the great advocates of his time.  Among his wins before the Supreme Court were “Baker v. Carr” and “National League of Cities v. Usery”.  While the latter is now lost to judicial mind-changing, the former stands as testament to his advocacy and stands as one of the most important cases in American jurisprudence.  Not long before his death, Mr. Rhyne agreed to speak to the Office of County Attorney in Montgomery County, Maryland about advocacy. You should also take special note of a young Chuck Thompson (our Executive Director).  That presentation was taped. As we unveil our blog, IMLA is proud to make this video part of our first posting and available as an enduring tribute to Mr. Rhyne and an excellent resource for lawyers who wish to become successful advocates.

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