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IMLA files amicus brief supporting the City of Redondo Beach in a cert petition to SCOTUS | February 17, 2012

Filed February 08, 2012 (petition-stage brief)
Comite de Jornaleros v. City of Redondo Beach – READ BRIEF HERE 
Pro Bono Author: Scott Howard

The City’s roadside solicitation law was enacted back in the 1980s because of all the traffic/safety problems associated with day laborers soliciting employment from moving cars. The law was not limited to day laborers, and barred any individual from standing on a street or highway and soliciting, or attempting to solicit employment, business, or contributions from an occupant of any motor vehicle. The definition of street included sidewalks, parkways, medians, alleys and curbs. The Ninth Circuit ruled that the City’s solicitation ordinance was unconstitutional in that although it was content neutral, it was not narrowly tailored. The Ninth Circuit decision features one of the harshest dissents we’ve read. It’s worth reading. 

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